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Director's Statement by
Georgios Dimitropoulos

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As an academic and a documentary filmmaker, writing, researching, filming, and producing documentary films over the years, I was always fascinated by the rigorous research and creative practices required for quality output. As such, I have been converging documentary and academic research practices in a qualitative methodology environment as a way to engage with complex scientific and data-driven subjects.


I decided to employ such innovative hybrid research practices for the creation of an experimental documentary film series. This has significantly elevated the trustworthiness of data collection, thereby enabling a more accurate analysis for the construction of the narrative.


“Welsh Affairs” was developed as a research-led documentary film series exploring the socio-economic impact of challenging issues in Wales. The documentaries examine the impact of current affairs on Welsh communities, businesses, and organisations and look at future scenarios. We have successfully completed the pilot 1st season with 7 full-feature documentary films. Each episode is a stand-alone documentary film that focuses on a specific theme. The content of each episode is based on research findings, case studies, statistical data, and interviews.

I feel fortunate to be surrounded and supported by a team of wonderful and talented colleagues. Nadia Evans Cook is the senior editor that leads post-production. Professor Hamish Laing is the academic advisor and presenter. Associate Professor Dr Sian Rees is the academic lead. Helen Bowden is the presenter and voice over artist. Several other colleagues and associates have assisted, supported, and contributed significantly to the production. We are very grateful for their contribution. Without their efforts and continuous support, we would not be able to progress with the production of the films. The project is supported by the Department of Media and Communication at Swansea University.


The pilot episode has received several awards and official selections from various international film festivals. We are delighted that our documentary film has been selected by film experts and jury panels worldwide and was awarded 5 times for "Best Documentary Film" and has received 9 nominations amongst hundreds of entries.


The excellent feedback and positive reviews received have been encouraging as we continue with our efforts to develop a collaborative communication and distribution platform for sharing academic research, scientific, technological & social innovation in Wales to a multitude of media outlets and channels. The project’s mission is to communicate research findings, empirical studies, statistical data, expert opinions, and people’s views in the most efficient and balanced manner through high-quality documentary films.

I had the opportunity to interview colleagues, students, academics, policymakers, industry experts, professionals, business leaders, and citizens that live, contribute, operate & work in Wales. I am humbled to be part of this journey and to be able to capture valuable lived experiences, fascinating perspectives, insightful opinions, the vision, and the drive of exceptional pioneers, innovators, leaders, and passionate people that strive to make Wales a better place for everyone! 

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