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Vincent De Paul (who plays himself) is an EMMY Award Winner US Actor & Film Producer who, in this short documentary, embarks on a spiritual journey throughout Europe, seeking inspiration and enlightenment on his way. He visits the beautiful Gower Peninsula in magical Wales, and is instantly drawn into the essence of Wales itself.


He is intrigued by what he sees in the Gower -its beautiful beaches , its craggy rocks and its ruined castles. He is especially fascinated to read about its rich history and past glory. He visits Weobley castle, walking along corridors and into dungeons , and begins to“travel” back in time.

As an experienced producer, Vincent draws us back to imagine life in Weobley Castle for Sir Rhys ap Thomas and his wife Efa, over 500 years ago. The film revolves around their true love, its tenacity and survival, rather than the gruesome aspects of war.

Sir Rhys’s allegiance to his king was renowned - he was knighted at the Battle of Bosworth by Henry Tudor himself after many years of fighting. Staying at Weobley Castle with his loved ones would be for brief periods only. For years on end, he would be recruited for yet another battle, another war.

Vincent imagines the heartache of Rhys and Efa’s separation, and the sheer joy of being reunited. Rhys’s feelings for his beloved Efa helps him survive all his battles. Likewise, Efa lives through those long days and nights patiently and courageously, longing for her husband’s safe return.

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